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Winter tips for your home


Published: 26/09/2017   Last Updated: 20/06/2019 15:41:55   Tags: Winter, Home, Rental, Tenants, City Living London, Lettings, Residential

As the weather gets colder and the rain sets in, here are a few helpful tips to make sure your home stays in good condition, even if you're away!

1. Set the timer on your heater so that you can make the most of the warmth when you're in, yet save the pennies when nobody’s home.
2. Open the window or the door a little (obviously not the main one to your flat) so that you ventilate your flat at night, this will help to reduce condensation and subsequent damp when your heating is on.
3. Unplug electric blankets before going to bed, unless they have thermostat and timer controls.
4. Look out for leaks, it’s that time of year when boilers are under pressure and the persistent rain takes its toll on the buildings.
5. If you are a current tenant of City Living London, please notify us if you will be away from your flat for more than 14 days.
Ideally the temperature in your living space should be at 21°C, 18°C for the rest of your home and hot water is best at around 60°C.
Also be mindful that the clocks go back on Sunday 29th October, so yippee for the extra hour in bed but this does mean you should check any timers or clocks to make sure they are correct!

UK Stamp Duty changes 2016


Published: 18/04/2016   Last Updated: 20/06/2019 15:46:06   Tags: Stamp Duty, Residential, Property

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a tax paid when purchasing a residential property (freehold, leasehold or shared ownership) over £125,000 in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. The tax is due to be paid in full within 30 days of completion of sale.
Since December 2014, rates were payable only on the portion of a property price which falls within each band. For example, if you brought a property for £750,000 you would pay no stamp duty on the first £125,000, then 2% between £125,001 to £250,000 and 5% above £250,001.
From April 2016, the existing stamp duty rates are increasing by 3% for people who are purchasing their second home or a buy-to-let or holiday home. This includes if you buying with a partner and only one of you owns a home. If you are buying a second home to replace your existing home, a surcharge will need to be paid without selling your home first. Nevertheless, a refund can be requested if you sell your first home within 3 years. The surcharge still applies if you are first time buyer in the UK but you are an owner of a property abroad.